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Electric counterbalanced trucks: ToyotaTraigo 80 

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Explore the features of Toyota 80-volt electric counterbalanced trucks 

  Designed for heavy-duty applications, our Traigo 80 series forklifts have an 80-volt battery and offer lift heights of up to 6.5 metres. Suitable for multiple pallet handling, these 4-wheel counterbalanced fork trucks can handle loads weighing up to 5 tonnes. By combining powerful Toyota AC electric motors with advanced energy saving technologies, the Toyota Traigo80 guarantees superior performance and longer operating time.
Electric counterbalanced trucks 

Electric forklift for efficiency in both indoor and outdoor applications 

8FBMKT20 / 8FBMKT25 / 8FBMT25 / 8FBMKT30 / 8FBMT30 / 8FBMT35  / 8FBMT40 / 8FBMT45 / 8FBMT50 
 Toyota Traigo 80 IF Award
Electric counterbalanced trucks
Electric counterbalanced trucks

The 4-wheel Toyota Traigo 80 models offer load capacities from 2.0 to 5.0 tonnes including compact models, which provide enhanced manoeuvrability in tight areas and high tonnage models for heavy load handling in tough working conditions. The mini-levers offer both smooth and ultra-precise control of material handling, while the SAS ensures protection of both driver and goods. The Traigo 80 is a highly productive, energy efficient electric forklift, fit for intense use in both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers high comfort levels for the driver and excellent forward and upward visibility.

  • Load capacity up to 4.5 tonnes at 500 mm load centre and 5.0 tonnes at 600 mm load centre 
  • Lift heights up to 6.5 m 
  • Toyota SAS with mast function control, steering synchroniser and swing lock
  • AC technology
  • Choice of material handling levers
  • Sideways battery exchange
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Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Wheels Power
8FBMKT20 2000 500 1872 4 80V
8FBMKT25 2500 500 2003 4 80V
8FBMT25 2500 500 2138 4 80V
8FBMKT30 3000 500 2032 4 80V
8FBMT30 3000 500 2138 4 80V
8FBMT35 3500 500 2167 4 80V
8FBMT40 4000 500 2543 4 80V
8FBMT45 4500 500 2558 4 80V
8FBMT50 4990 600 2686 4 80V