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Electric counterbalanced trucks: Toyota Traigo HT 

Toyota 4-wheel electric counterbalanced trucks suit a variety of applications 

As the fastest-driving and fastest-lifting truck in its class, our Traigo HT counterbalanced forklift is an ideal choice for heavy-duty operations requiring maximum precision and productivity. Suitable for multiple pallet handling, all Toyota Traigo HT models are equipped with safety features such as SAS Fork Levelling Control, which ensures quick positioning of pallets and helps to prevent load damage.
Electric counterbalanced trucks 

80-volt electric counterbalanced forklift for heavy-duty material handling 

8FBMHT60 / 8FBMHT70 / 8FBMHT85 

For intense applications, the three models in the Toyota Traigo HT series offer load capacities ranging from 6 tonnes to 8.5 tonnes and a lift height up to 6.5 metres. With a 1250 Ah battery capacity and travel speeds reaching 16 kilometres per hour, our Traigo HT counterbalanced electric forklifts deliver superior performance and efficiency. To ensure driver and load protection during truck manoeuvring, all Traigo HT models are equipped with Toyota SAS safety features. 

  • Load capacity up to 8.5 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 6.5 m
  • Toyota SAS with mast function control, steering synchroniser and speed reduction when cornering
  • AC technology
  • Choice of material handling levers
  • High capacity batteries
Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Wheels Power
8FBMHT60 6000 600 3194 4 80V
8FBMHT70 7000 600 3194 4 80V
8FBMHT85 8500 600 3255 4 80V