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IC counterbalanced trucks: Toyota 5FG / 5FD 

The advantages of Toyota IC engine powered counterbalanced trucks 

Available with industrial Toyota engines, the high-performance counterbalanced forklift trucks in our 5FG/5FD range are suitable for intense material handling. Offering a fully suspended cabin and adjustable seat for high driver comfort, the innovative design of these counterbalanced trucks ensures easy truck servicing, increasing forklift productivity and efficiency.

Industrial engine powered counterbalanced forklift for multiple pallet handling 

5FG50 - 5FG/D60 - 5FG/D70  - 5FD80 

Suitable for intense material handling operations, the Toyota 5FG/5FD engine counterbalanced trucks offer lift heights up to 8 metres, and load handling capacity from 5 to 8 tonnes. The powerful Toyota engine ensures high drive and lift speeds, whilst the suspension seat and suspended cabin offer enhanced driver comfort and safety.

  • Load capacity up to 8 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 8 m
  • Powerful and reliable Toyota engine
  • Fully suspended cabin
  • High quality suspension seat
Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Engine model
5FD60 6000 600 3350 Diesel
5FD70 7000 600 3400 Diesel
5FD80 8000 600 3700 Diesel
5FG50 5000 600 3350 LPG
5FG60 6000 600 3350 LPG
5FG70 7000 600 3400 LPG