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IC counterbalanced trucks: Toyota Tonero 

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All forklifts in the Toyota Tonero series are equipped with Toyota SAS safety features to improve overall performance and productivity. Offering mast control and increased stability, our engine counterbalanced trucks are extremely reliable for loading / unloading, stacking, or in horizontal transport functions. Safe manoeuvring and fast acceleration make the Toyota Tonero series highly productive in light to heavy material handling applications, whilst low truck noise and vibration enhances driver comfort.


Engine powered forklift for light to heavy-duty loading and stacking applications 

8FG/DF15 - 8FG/DF18 - 8FG/DKF20 - 8FG/DF20 - 8FG/DF25 - 8FG/DF30 - 8FG/DJF35 - 8FD20F - 8FD25F 

The Toyota Tonero series of engine counterbalanced trucks includes diesel and LPG models, with maximum load capacities up to 3.5 tonnes and lifting heights up to 7 metres. Offering a wide range of cabins for all weather conditions, and with Toyota SAS as standard, our Tonero engine powered forklift series is ideal for outdoor use. Low noise and vibration, excellent all-round visibility and easy servicing allow for improved driver comfort and forklift truck durability.

The Toyota Tonero offers drivers the choice of transmission: torque converter transmission for powerful acceleration and smooth overall driving feeling or the optional hydrostatic transmission for effortless load handling and powerful engine braking and acceleration.

  • Load capacity up to 3.5 tonnes at 500 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 7 m
  • Toyota SAS with mast function control, steering synchroniser and swing lock cylinder 
  • Powerful and reliable Toyota LPG or diesel engine
  • Choice of transmission 
  • Choice of material handling levers
  • High quality suspension seat
Model Load capacity (kg) Load centre (mm) Turning radius (mm) Engine model Transmission type
8FDF15 1500 500 1990 Diesel TC
8FDF18 1750 500 2010 Diesel TC
8FDKF20 2000 500 2040 Diesel TC
8FDF20 2000 500 2200 Diesel TC
8FD20F 2000 500 2200 Diesel HST
8FDF25 2500 500 2280 Diesel TC
8FD25F 2500 500 2280 Diesel HST
8FDF30 3000 500 2430 Diesel TC
8FDJF35 3500 500 2490 Diesel TC
8FGF15 1500 500 1990 LPG TC
8FGF18 1750 500 2010 LPG TC
8FGKF20 2000 500 2040 LPG TC
8FGF20 2000 500 2200 LPG TC
8FGF25 2500 500 2280 LPG TC
8FGF30 3000 500 2430 LPG TC
8FGJF35 3500 500 2490 LPG TC