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BT Lifter Silent 

Silence is everything

BT has introduced a quieter version of its highly successful BT Lifter hand pallet truck in response to requests from government and business for quieter material handling solutions.

High lights of the BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck:


  • Deliveries to shopping centres to prevent negative publicity from neighbours Inside shopping areas to prevent annoying noise.
  • All daily goods deliveries in living areas where ergonomics and environmental issues are required

Certificate LHM230SI

  • Certified according to the Peak-programme 
  • Quiet Mark Recognition
  • Performance – Less than 60dBA
  • Test procedure – Lowest position –3 km/h
  • Truck set up
    • Boogie Powerthane fork wheels
    • Steer wheels in rubber 
  • Silent chassis technique
    • Special shock-absorbing material on the frame reduces noise
      from vibrations
    • Adjustable rubber studs at the push rod ends further reduce rattling when the forks are fully lowered.
    • High-quality rubber steer wheels and Powerthane bogie fork wheels