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BT Optio L-series 

The new low level order picker

Look at the video clips for more information about BT Optio and the 4 values


BT Optio L-series now launched

The new BT Optio L-series is a comprehensive range of low-level order picking trucks designed for the real world and for every application, including models with long forks or high lifting forks. See the introduction video


 Optio L Safety video


Optio L Durability video

The operator is fully protected by the truck when driving – 60° rotation of the E-man control unit moves the steered wheel 100°, ensuring that no part of the operator’s body need be outside the truck’s profile. 

All BT Optio L-series models are built to renowned Toyota Production System standards, meaning high quality and reliability in use. 


 Optio L Driveability video


Optio L Productivity video

The Smooth Operator concept ensures class-leading driveability. E-man steering allows safe and comfortable one-handed operation. 

There is an L-series model for every application, from lower-intensity up to high-intensity multi-load, high-throughput operations. 

BT Optio Brochure

BT Optio OSE/OME datasheet