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Minimise Energy Use and carbon emissions 

We learn continuously from our own experience in reducing energy consumption to find different ways for our customers to make energy savings in their operations. Since 2012:

  • Energy consumption in our factories has only risen 3% while production increased by 26%
  • Vehicle fuel consumption dropped by 19% in 10 countries in the scope of our sustainability report.

  “We grew our revenues by 5% while reducing emissions by 33%, with a combination of theToyota Production System, technology and sound business practices.”
Lydia van den Bogaard, Sustainability Champion, Toyota Material Handling Netherlands 


As a manufacturer, we are increasing the energy efficiency of our products and developing innovative low carbon power sources.

“As a hydrogen pioneer, we choose suppliers who can develop tomorrow’s energy solutions together with us. This is why we were first in Europe to buy a Toyota truck with hydrogen technology.”
Kalevi Korjala, CEO, Woikoski Oy, Finland


As a solutions provider, we focus on how customers can optimise their energy efficiency in their operations, for instance with our I_Site fleet management tool.

One feature of I_Site is that it enables our customers to be reminded when a battery needs to be recharged, which prolongs its productive life, as well as when it needs to be replaced, which maintains optimal operational efficiency. See how in the video above.