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Minimise Environmental Impacts 

Within the trend towards Green Logistics, Toyota Material Handling Europe’s aims to lead the industry on impact reduction through responsible energy use and minimising CO₂ emissions in material handling. 

Reducing CO₂ emissions and managing energy efficiently is a priority for our customers. We align our targets with theirs and we support their logistics sustainability goals by making energy efficient forklifts and constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver services and solutions that help customers to lower their energy consumption.

We collaborate with our customers to minimise CO₂ emissions in their operations through:

  • Toyota Production System (TPS) advice 
  • Toyota I_Site fleet management
  • Driver training - teaching techniques that reduce energy consumption and accidents
  • Energy efficiency of new products
  • Transparency
  • Automated solutions
  • Extending electric forklift range - the new Toyota Traigo 80 is 20% more energy efficient
  • Power train innovation
  • High Density Warehousing
  • Data on our CO₂
Toyota I_Site fleet management system

We collaborate with our colleagues from the factories, sales and services companies to minimise CO₂ emissions in our operations.

  • All of our factories and three of our sales and services offices (Sweden, France, UK) have ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems, recognising our efforts of responsible manufacturing (Monozukuri).

  • Toyota Material Handling UK uses GPS tracking on service vans to help service technicians find the quickest route towards a customer and minimise fuel use.

  • Toyota Material Handling Nederland set eco-driving as standard intro for novice service technicians.
minimise CO2 emissions in our operations 
These are few examples of Toyota sustainability initiatives. Many more are on-going and we aim to roll out others across Europe to reduce CO₂ emissions even more.

Read more customer case studies and data in our TMHE sustainability report.