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Status update for Toyota Industries Corporation following Japan earthquake 

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) extends its deepest condolences to all of those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

TICO is placing priority on supporting the relief efforts in the regions affected and ensuring that team members, the employees at subsidiary manufacturers and suppliers—and all their respective family members—are safe.

No casualties to TICO employees have been reported as a result of this earthquake. In addition, no major damage has occurred to buildings or facilities. Production activities at TICO plants in Japan were suspended during the week of March 14-18. On March 22nd, production had resumed at a number of TICO factories with all factories scheduled to be back in operation by March 25th.

TICO is currently investigating the effects of the earthquake on performance including production activities. If any material impact on performance is found or anticipated, it will be disclosed promptly.


TICO contribution to relief efforts

TICO has announced that it will donate 100 million yen (about €869,000) to aid victims and support the recovery of areas affected by the strong earthquake that struck Japan on March 11.

TICO will also continue to provide relief supplies and services to the affected areas while monitoring the situation in those areas. The company sincerely hopes for the swift recovery of the people and areas affected by the disaster.

Individuals who would like to contribute to the relief efforts may do so through a recognised relief agency such as the Red Cross.


Possible impact of Japan earthquake on European operations

TICO is the parent company of Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE). To date the earthquake in Japan has not had an impact on TMHE’s daily operations in Europe. TMHE is in close contact with TICO and is monitoring the situation closely. Additional information will be provided when this is available.

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