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Introducing BT Levio – an all-new range of pedestrian powered pallet trucks 

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is proud to announce the introduction of an all-new range of pedestrian powered pallet trucks, designed to meet the needs of customers across Europe.

pallettruck BT Levio LWE140Engineered for vehicle loading and unloading, order picking and all general pallet transport in the warehouse, factory and retail premises, the BT Levio range features a brand-new design and consists of five models with load capacities from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes. The BT Levio has been developed in accordance with the Toyota Production System, which guarantees class-leading levels of quality and reliability.

Based on extensive customer research, the BT Levio range has been designed to be easy to use, which in turn helps optimise productivity and safety. The key words with BT Levio are simplicity, safety and durability – giving powered pallet truck users exactly what they need to get the job done. This concept is called ‘man power’.

BT Levio is truly designed for walkie applications. The chassis is compact, which means operators will spend less time manoeuvring in tight areas. The position and length of the tiller control arm optimises overall visibility and operator safety. The fork tips are visible from the normal operating position, meaning the truck can be driven with confidence, even by less experienced drivers. BT Powerdrive ensures smooth, progressive responses to the operator’s commands. The ergonomic handle is easy and comfortable to use, with fingertip lift and lower buttons and simple forward/reverse control.

Acceleration, top speed and braking characteristics can be programmed to suit individual operators. PIN-code start-up means the truck knows who is operating it and will assume the appropriate pre-programmed settings for maximum safety. The BT Levio has a ‘turtle’ button for temporary speed reduction, and the ‘Click-2-Creep’ facility, which allows the truck to be manoeuvred with the handle upright – ideal in confined and busy spaces. BT Levio’s chassis skirt is just 35 mm from the ground and rounds away from the operator’s feet, providing the perfect balance of foot protection without compromising the truck’s manoeuvrability on ramps.

The all-new BT Levio has been developed and will be manufactured using the highly regarded Toyota Production System (TPS). To ensure high levels of quality and reliability, TPS applies continuous improvement (kaizen) throughout the entire production process, from product development through to production, delivery and after-sales service. In line with this philosophy, the BT Levio has been designed with AC drive motors that have fewer wearing parts than DC equivalents for enhanced durability. Many of the truck’s bushings are made of a Teflon-coated composite that improves their working life and eliminates the need for greasing. Thanks to its robust construction, the BT Levio is designed to be serviced only once a year in typical single-shift operations.

Andrea Stach, Manager Product Marketing Group, TMHE said: “BT Levio is an important addition to our product range and will be of interest to anyone who moves pallets. We carefully examined customer needs and created an advanced powered pallet truck range that works in the simplest and most effective way. In the BT Levio we have succeeded in creating a truck that is so well-designed and reliable that it can be taken for granted, allowing our customers to concentrate on their operations.”

BT Levio offers a range of options to tailor it for particular applications and customer needs. For multi-shift operations, sideways battery change is available on selected models. The LWE200 is available with a platform for applications involving longer travel distances. The ‘E-bar’ is a mounting rail for third-party equipment such as PCs, radio-data terminals and barcode scanners. A choice of storage compartments, a writing table and a shrinkwrap dispenser add to BT Levio’s ease-of-use. Fleet users can also assess the performance of their BT Levio trucks with Toyota I_Site, an information system from Toyota Material Handling Europe that provides detailed reporting enabling businesses to reduce their materials handling costs, enhance safety and optimise the use of their trucks.

The BT Levio will be launched to the European market at CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, Germany on 27-31 May 2008. In connection with this important event, TMHE is creating the minisite, which will provide additional information about the BT Levio.




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