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EcoVadis ranks Toyota Material Handling Europe among the world’s top two per cent 

Highly regarded EcoVadis, monitoring sustainability in global supply chains, has ranked Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) among the top two per cent of suppliers across the world for transparency on sustainability topics. This is good news – not only for us, but for our customers as well. 

With every passing year the demands on companies to improve their sustainability performance increases. In order for these corporations to reach their ambitious targets, they need to team up with suppliers who have a similar approach to sustainability. In the light of this industry logic, it is all the more pleasing to receive EcoVadis’s favourable verdict on our performance reporting.
Transparency, sustainable manufacturing, and continuous improvement (Kaizen) lie at the heart of everything we do at Toyota Material Handling. In fact, our commitment to sustainability goes back a long way and stems from our parent company’s (Toyota Industries Corporation) first Environmental Action Plan, conceived in 1993. As the world’s leading forklift truck manufacturer, Toyota has a big environmental and social responsibility. Gaining the seal of approval from EcoVadis, therefore, tells us our approach is right.

Developing a responsible approach to sustainability is not something we do in isolation. It is very much a joint effort with our employees, customers and partners, some of whom are leading the way in treading lightly on this planet. It is only by understanding their priorities and goals that we can ensure a safe working environment and jointly contribute to a more sustainable planet.
EcoVadis is the leading sustainability monitoring body of industry in the world: 24,000 companies, across 145 industry sectors, in 95 countries around the globe subscribe to their services. Among those using Ecovadis to monitor their suppliers are over 100 multinational companies. Find out more at

To read the Toyota Material Handling Europe Sustainability Report, published in November 2013, please click here.





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