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BT Optio H-series 

The new high level order picker 

Look at the video clips for more information about  BT Optio and the 4 values


BT Optio H-series now launched

The all-new BT Optio H-series sets a new standard in high-level order picking. It offers picking up to 12 metres –the highest level in its class. High-level picking allows maximum operational flexibility, helping companies to drive
down costs. See the introduction video


 Optio H Safety video


Optio H Durability video

The truck will not start without a correct
PIN-code or optional ID key. The Multiple presence system further protects the             operatoras the truck will remain immobile
until he places both hands on the controls
and is standing inside the truck on the cab

The components used in the H-series are all designed for hard, continuous work. Powerful AC drive and lift motors work together with a heavy-duty gearbox. Sealed electronic components and heavy-duty materials assure a long working life, with careful attention to detail assuring reliability at every level.


 Optio H Driveability video


Optio H Productivity video

The BT Optio H-series is designed to perform ‘free-ranging’ and in narrow aisles, with either rail or wire guidance. H-series excels at diagonal’ driving, where the truck is both driving and lifting or lowering at the same time.

The performance of BT Optio H-series is excellent thanks to a high travel speed  (max.12 km/h), quick acceleration and fast lift/lower speeds. The optional height pre-selection function automatically moves the cabin to the next required level.

BT Optio brochure

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