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The Brief:Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2014 


Mad about design? Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is inviting all European design students and 2013 graduates to enter its first Toyota Logistic Design Competition and lift up tomorrow’s intralogistic standards.
Your challenge is to tackle the following theme, ’Tow Tractors: Industrial Machines in Need of a Makeover’. In a fast moving world, tow tractors control the flow of essential goods transportation. Heavy-duty, strong and reliable, they carry huge loads over long distances, saving time, energy and money. Prove to us that they can and should be stylish, too!

Unleash your imagination and submit your idea and visual sketches of the world’s next tow tractor. A prize of 4,000€ is waiting at the finish line!
Let’s move together into the future! 

Brief including terms and conditions


The Jury

Our international jury from Japan and Sweden specialized in industrial design and design engineering selected the five most interesting proposals for the Toyota Logistic Design Competition. They provided the five designers with feedback on how to brush up their tow tractor designs and finally chose the top three.

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