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Toyota Material Handling Europe’s Continuous Commitment to Health and Safety 

Health and safety are central to Toyota Material Handling Europe’s long-term commitment to being a reliable business partner and a responsible member of society. With Toyota Material Handling Europe, customers, employees, shareholders, associates, business partners and the global community are safer together.

Safer Together in our Factories

Toyota Material Handling Europe tirelessly strives to improve the working environment for its personnel. All three TMHE manufacturing sites (Ancenis, Bologna and Mjölby) are OHSAS 18001 certified. This “Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and management systems” helps organisations to control health and safety risks.

Part of the in-house safety initiatives is the implementation of a Safety Dojo (“dojo” stands for “school” in Japanese) in each of the three factories. More than 2,250 workers have been trained on risk assessment, safe use of equipment and handling of hazardous products.

Thanks to the unique Toyota Production System (TPS), Toyota Material Handling Europe delivers only what and when is needed, eliminating strenuous, unnecessary efforts.

Safer Together with EU-OSHA

We have a long tradition of safety and we consider that sharing our successful methods of risk prevention is a responsibility towards every employee everywhere, and to their families.

At European level, we actively campaign alongside the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EU-OSHA) and other committed partners. Every two years, EU-OSHA launches a different safety-related theme as part of their “Healthy Workplaces” program. To find out more, visit the EU-OSHA website.

Toyota Material Handling Europe is EU-OSHA’s official partner for the 2012-2013 campaign on “Working together for risk prevention (through leadership and worker participation)”.

“Toyota Material Handling Europe’s collaboration with EU-OSHA and other dedicated companies has already borne fruit and demonstrated that we are safer together. EU-OSHA is looking forward to furthering this valuable partnership in support of our current campaign and to share our initiatives and innovations to make Europe’s workplaces safer, healthier and more productive,” says Andrew Smith, EU-OSHA’s Head of Communication and Promotion.

The purpose of this new initiative to enhance safety is to encourage leadership, workforce and representatives to actively engage in risk assessment and reduction.

Toyota Material Handling Europe also partnered with EU-OSHA for the 2010-2011 campaign on “Safe Maintenance”. Read more about the Successful Safety Campaign with EU-OSHA.

Safer Together with our Service Technicians

At Toyota Material Handling Europe, health and safety are at the top of the agenda every day. Across the Toyota Material Handling Europe network, 4,000 highly skilled service technicians make 3.5 million service/maintenance visits every year. We pioneer in giving safety tailor-made trainings to our service technicians as part of the Service Technician Education Program (STEP).

Thanks to our professionals, our customers and their employees benefit from safe material handling. Read more about the Service Technician Education Program (STEP).

Safer Together with our Products and Solutions

The Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability) and the BT Reflex tilting cabin also stand for the company’s concern for safe operations. Last year, Toyota Material Handling Europe also allowed visitors at CeMAT, the industry’s largest intralogistics trade fair, to try the Toyota Tonero driving simulator and experience for themselves the safety challenges of material handling.

To further increase safety in warehouses, Toyota Material Handling Europe created SpotMe, a unique warning system that detects the presence of forklifts and pedestrians at crossroads, alerts them and thus helps them to avoid collision.