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Maximise Safety 

Safety of our employees

In implementing TICO’s Safety Vision, we are creating safer workplaces for our employees. We have documented best practice case studies to showcase how some of our colleagues are making a difference.

“In Italy, we reduced injury rates by 74% since 2007. Achieving OHSAS 18001 in 2014 was a key milestone in creating a more active focus on safety by both employees and management.”
Francesca Simoncelli, Health & Safety Manager,Toyota Material Handling Italy

Safety of our customers

Material handling accidents account for 1 in 10 major injuries in the European manufacturing sector. Unsafe behaviour and inadequate training are the root causes of over 80% of these accidents. We are an active campaign partner with the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work, and we collaborate with safety managers from our customers to promote better training for managers, operators and pedestrians.

"Creating a safety culture requires leadership commitment: at Heineken we start every meeting with health & safety. Material handling safety is one of our top three focus areas."
Reyes Gonzalez,
Global Safety Manager, Heineken
Picture: an operator in training on a course at Toyota Material Handling Netherlands