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Hand pallet trucks: BT Lifter S-series 

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Improve flexibility and comfort with BT Lifter hand stacker trucks 

The two versatile stacker trucks in the BT Lifter S-series range are hand operated, with the option of manual or electric lift for increased operator comfort. Designed for light stacking applications, the S-series pallet trucks offer stacking up to 1.6 metres. They are ideal in tight working areas, such as small stores, buffers and back aisles of stores. Both stacker truck models are built to last, with durability, simplicity, safety and low operating cost as key design features.

Manual and electric stacker truck for light stacking in space-restricted areas 

SHM080 / SHL080 

Suitable for light stacking applications in confined areas and stores, the BT Lifter S-series of hand pallet trucks includes two manual stacker truck models with load capacities up to 0.8 tonnes. The SHL080 version features electric lift for greater operator comfort during material handling operations. Built for enhanced durability and practicality, our powerful S-series stacker trucks offer the longest operating life with the lowest lifetime cost. 

  • Load capacity up to 0.8 tonnes
  • Lift heights up to 1.6 m
  • Choice of chassis & fork widths
  • Long lifetime
  • 180° + steering 
  • Parking brake
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Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Lift height (mm) When
SHM080 800 1600 Low frequent - low level stacking - work station
SHL080 800 1600 Low frequent - low level stacking - work station